(Individually titled)
Collage on archival paper
6x6'', 12x12''
Framed in aluminum

Limited Availability

My collage work is fast, messy, and spontaneous. Nearly all of the found images included in these works are from junk mail that shows up at my house. As a child of the new machine age, I spend a lot of time thinking about technology, the internet, social media, and the like, and these pieces are quick exercises investigating some of my passing thoughts about emerging technologies. Thematically, they range in seriousness from daydreams about deep space skateboarding, poor social media use, and Neo Luddism to my dismal concerns about cyberterrorism, high-tech weaponized America, cybernetics, and surveillance. This is a new medium for me, and they are admittedly rough around the edges. I am hoping to experiment further to reach a higher degree of technical precision, work on a larger scale, and possibly incorporate other printing techniques.