Earth Death I, Earth Death II, Earth Death III
43.5x43.5” PETE plastic, HDPE plastic, PVC plastic, PP plastic, PS plastic, hot glue, wood glue, acrylic glue, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, latex paint, cotton rag paper, cotton canvas, cotton cloth, POR-15, aerosol, clear acetate, polyester, photographic emulsion, pine, oak, polyurethane, aluminum, steel

     Crackpots, energy oligarchs, and corporate lobbyists far and wide publically rejected the notion of Global Warming the moment they witnessed winter’s first snowflake, leading the scientifically minded to rebrand what we are now witnessing on a global scale as Climate Change. These mixed media “combines” are a proposal for yet another rebrand, reflecting the severity of our contemporary dilemma. How would we reassess and self correct our ecologically vicious consumption behavior if the moniker of EARTH DEATH was adopted? Bizarre screenprints of plastic amalgamations self-replicate across the landscape while paper scraps and studio detritus pile up on canvas, forming moonlike wastelands devoid of atmosphere. Black paint and overspray litter a drop cloth, sprayed aerosol form heated gradients, and trees are felled to form frames. Puddles and squeegee pulls of ink are tracked pseudo-scientifically in data matrices to no avail. What have I done?

On display December 2019 at The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Media in What Have We Done, curated by Tina Dillman